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In December, I will participate in the seventh annual PRIZM ART FAIR. This iteration of the fair will will take place December 2-8, 2019 in Downtown Miami at the Alfred I. DuPont Building, 169 E Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33131.

2019 Conceptual Focus

Love in the Time of Hysteria 

“…There is another path. Love dignity and freedom manifested in those whose life’s quests is its ongoing achievement. Love those whom the systems of hatred deem worthless except as cheap labor, property, or moments of base pleasure. Radicalize that love. Don’t only love them but also love being loved by them. Value bringing value to and receiving value from those whom oppression claims lack value. Embody freedom through not only writing what one likes, as the martyred revolutionary Black physician and philosopher Steve Bantu Biko declared, but also loving each other with fierce defiance.” 
- Lewis R. Gordon

Love in the Time of Hysteria illustrates how love, compassion, and respect endure in a social milieu riddled with divisive political rhetoric, unprovoked inflammatory attacks on members of marginalized communities, and broad societal malaise as a result of economic inequity. Love in the Time of Hysteria questions how these factors can alter and transform our natural disposition to love fully and replace love with a mindset motivated by fear, intolerance, and scarcity. In essence, love and ultimately sanity takes a backseat to the basic need to survive.  Love does not only impact our interpersonal relationships but also provides the foundation for flourishing communities. Love, when deployed aptly, lives in the narratives we pass on to our children, sours in the untold and reclaimed histories of our ancestors and builds bridges of understanding between estranged communities.

How are we perceiving love? How do we express love under these circumstances? How do we improvise when we do not get the love we need?  How do we love ourselves with sweet defiance? Do we deny ourselves love as a byproduct of social conditioning?  What movements do we create to build a sense of community that is rooted in love? 

These notions will be explored through a presentation of works in various media that include: drawings, painting, video, photography, sculptures, installation, and new media. 

Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: September 23